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Inkle Weaving

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

One of our most ancient forms of weaving, inkle weaving has its roots in other warp faced weave structures such as backstrap weaving.

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435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

Boundweave has led us to another weft faced twill weave known throughout Scandinavia as Krokbragd.

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Shaker Rag Rugs

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

The Shakers, a religious community recognized for their distinctive designs in furniture and high quality of craftsmanship, started weaving rag rugs in the 1840’s.

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Zig Zag Rag Rugs

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

We've woven rag rugs, but we're always searching for the next fun challenge. In this fun approach to weaving a rag rug we will utilize a wide range of striped fabrics to create effects that zig and zag or roll like waves.

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Reversible Rugs

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

Lets weave a Rag Rug that has two totally different sides. We'll prepare and warp your loom with a dark colored warp, you bring two contrasting cotton fabrics for two days of fun!

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Beginning Spinning with Sara

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

Learn about different types of wools and their uses for different styles of yarn, the process of washing raw wool, how to prepare worsted and woolen yarns using wool combs and hand carders, and how to operate a drum carder.

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Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

The class will cover fundamental information including warp calculations and appropriate yarn choices, plus explore two different techniques for dressing the loom.

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Better Understand Your Eight-Shaft Loom

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

Many weavers can follow a pattern from a book or magazine article but lack the confidence to venture out on their own to create the 8 shaft threading, tie-up and treadling.

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