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Twill Double Weave Blankets

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

If you have enjoyed making plain weave double width blankets, this class is a logical next step.


Tatted Snowflakes

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

As winter weather approaches we start thinking of that tiny 4 letter word that causes two very different reactions, a smile or an eye roll...SNOW. Regardless of your personal feelings towards Mother Natures wintery display you can still embrace the beauty of snow by joining us for tatted snowflakes, in 2D or 3D.

Register Now! $105 6 tickets left

Better Understand Your Eight-Shaft Loom

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

Many weavers can follow a pattern from a book or magazine article but lack the confidence to venture out on their own to create the 8 shaft threading, tie-up and treadling.

Register Now! $125 7 tickets left

Overshot Shawls

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

Here’s a contemporary twist to a recognizable historic weave-structure! This shawl is arranged in a gamp format with five classic patterns threaded across the width of the warp.

Sold Out $375

Swedish Weaving with Huck Embroidery

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

Most weavers consider the finished piece that has come off the loom to be “finished” but this workshop will look at a traditional embroidery application to augment lace woven pieces.

Register Now! $125 5 tickets left

Beginning Weaving

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

Learn all the basics and go home to show off your very own cotton dish towel, twill gamp (sampler) and scarf!

Sold Out $550

Twill Towels- Week 1

435 Popps Ford Road, York Haven

The thought behind these classes is to incorporate ways for students to learn more about weave structures and patterning along with projects that everyone loves to weave and use.

Register Now! $425 3 tickets left