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Behind the Scenes of Rug Weaving with Tom Knisely

Weaver Tom Knisely and Handwoven magazine editor Anita Osterhaug discuss the making of his video workshop Weave a Good Rug. Learn about the antique rugs from America to Greece that drew Tom into rug weaving and how the pieces of his craft have been put together in a weaving video for weavers of all skill levels.


Tom Knisely talks about The Loom Owner’s Companion

Tom Knisely introduces you to an antique barn loom, and explains how his video, The Loom Owner's Companion, can help you keep your own loom producing wonderful textiles for many years to come.


Weaving with Rags Making Rag Rug and More with Tom Knisely

Looking for weaving projects that are fun, fast, and easy, with lots of room to explore color and design? Come along as Tom Knisely introduces you to the joy and surprises of rag weaving! (It's "ripping" good fun!)


Preview Learn to Weave with Tom Knisely

There's so much to learn about weaving on a multi-shaft loom, from basic loom mechanics to project planning, warping, and weaving good cloth! Master weaver Tom Knisely makes it all so simple and stress-free.


Color Scheme Finder/Helper

A fantastic site to help those in need of finding the perfect color scheme for your next project. This easy to use site allows you to select the color scheme of your choice.

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Standards & Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting (or the curious weaver/spinner)

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American Wool Fast Facts

For those looking for more information about the wool industry here in the United States, this resource will give you a snapshot into the industry and its producers.

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Reed Substitution Chart

Although in an ideal world we would have one of every size dent and length we could possibly need for our loom there are times when we need to make a substitution. Please enjoy our free resource on substituting your reed out, simplifying the guessing game.

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Thread Sizes

Every wonder what those numbers on your cone of thread actually mean? This free resource will help demystify what those numbers really mean...

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Wool Grades and the Sheep That Grew the Wool

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Texsolv Heddle Conversion Information

With this document, you can easily find your replace size!

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Handwoven Magazine’s Author Index 1979-2004

Looking for that issue Tom wrote in the 80's here's your helping hand. Contributor's Index1979-2004.

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Handwoven Magazine’s Subject Index 1979-2004

Looking for some help find articles about a specific subject here's your helping hand. Contributor's Index1979-2004.

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Index for Handwoven Magazine ‚Äč2005-2011

Index for Handwoven Magazine 2005-2011

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