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Sara Bixler

Sara is the owner and resident instructor of Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center. Many of Sara’s students praise her ability to guide students through the challenging world of color theory, specifically relating to weaving. Sara has spent many years experimenting with color in weaving focusing her studies in how color relationships are affected by yarn size, luster, sett and weave structure. She loves giving students core principals to follow so they become more confident in their color decisions when designing new pieces.

My Specialties

Sara also strives to create new and different approaches to looking at plain weave fabrics through surface embellishments. Working primarily on a plain weave background Sara enjoys the challenge of investigating everything from ancient techniques for decorating fabrics to the use of more modern day yarns produced for novelty type applications. It never ceases to amaze Sara the endless possibilities using as little as 2 harnesses.

My Qualifications

Sara attended both Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, GA as well as Edinboro University in Edinboro, PA where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science in K-12 Art Education with minor in Art History and Anthropology. She has been teaching for nearly 10 years and prides herself in a having broad knowledge spectrum that she attributes to her fine arts and crafts degree. Sara’s ability to communicate well to students who also create works in mediums such as ceramics, glass, printmaking, and painting helps them to integrate those art forms into their fiber arts studies.