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Location Overview

Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center is located in beautiful York County Pennsylvania just off of Interstate Route 83 in Newberry Township. Sitting high on a hill Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center beckons fiber artists to come and study in this quiet retreat-like atmosphere.







Campus - Red Stone Glen

History of the Property

Red Stone Glen, nestled in the heart of Newberry Township, was settled largely by English Quakers in the mid-18th century. As travelers moved through the township on rough unpaved roads they looked for places to stay and rest. The original half of Red Stone Glen provided such a place. Built in 1810, the portion that we now use as our studio and retail space was once a stopping place for weary travelers. At the bottom of the property is a ford – a natural low and shallow spot in the Conewago creek – that provided a safe passage for wagons to cross. The name of the road that carries our address is Popps Ford Road. The family name, “ Popp”, has been a part of this community for over 200 years and some of the original members rest in our local cemetery. The studio has served as a tenant house for a local farmer and later as a private home. When you visit you will see some original buildings still intact including the smoke house, incinerating chimney and lead glass windows.

In the 1990’s a large addition was added to the old house to give the family more livable space, but the charm of the old house has remained with its low exposed ceiling beams and hand cut field stone foundation. It was this old world charm that Sara and Dustin Bixler wanted to share with all of you in the founding of Red Stone Glen. When you visit us, you will feel the history of the house in every detail as you pass through the dining room all the way through the retail store. And when you leave, we hope the memory of your time here will beckon you to return once again.


Walking Trails

One of our family’s favorite attributes about Red Stone Glen is the wonderful walking trails that meander through the wooded 30+ acres. The trails leading off from the main parking lot are generously tree covered with the remains of old field stone walls flanking the path now swallowed by fields of ferns. The path comes to a “T” where guests continue down the mountain walking along an old fire trail to the beach. The beach is one of our family’s favorite hangouts for swimming and fishing. With a natural 90 degree turn in the creek, it’s the perfect spot for collecting skipping stones, creek glass and small fresh water clam & mussel shells. After a short visit to the beach a guest will travel the rest of their journey winding along the creek bank, arriving back in front of the house at the base of the meadow. Students will often take their hour break to walk the trail, or come a little early and take on the trail before class… my personal favorite way to start the day with coffee in hand.

Faces around Campus

There will be many times students and customers will visit our campus and find some friendly faces greeting them beyond our teaching staff. It is our hope that you will greet them and thank them for all of their wonderful contributions to help ensure Red Stone Glen functions on a daily basis.

The Family

Don’t be surprised to see or hear the sounds of Sara’s two daughters around the studio and house. Windsor, age 8, and Imogen, age 6, are as much apart of the make-up of this studio as any other member of the staff. Although their days are typically spent in school, they enjoy making frequent trips into the studio to visit with students. And lastly, Sara’s husband, Dustin without his support Red Stone Glen would not exist.

Staff & Volunteers

Red Stone Glen is one of those special places that draws fiber artists in to stay and study, but we’re also equally fortunate to have a team of volunteers who help out on a daily basis. Each with their own skill set we can rely on them to chip in on any project including; painting, threading looms, assembling class handouts, stocking shelves and even on occasion helping to hold a baby while we’re on the phone. We are truly indebted to each of you, and thank you for your many gifts and talents you bestow upon Red Stone Glen.

Campus - Red Stone Glen

Friends among the animals

Just like the other members of our home, students and visitors will also be greeted by our four-legged friends. The small dogs are welcome in the studio, but we have no problem shooing them out if your allergies can’t have them around. The family cat Gingerbread is outside only. She’s learning to keep the field mice at bay, and happiest outside.