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Independent Work Week

There are times that students will longingly share with us how much they enjoy their time with us here in the studio as it allows them to ‘escape’ their homes and the responsibilities or distractions they come with. Students often speak of the challenges of being self-motivated in their home environment, the need to change out the laundry or get to that stack of junk mail on the kitchen island perhaps the neighbor popping over for a quick 2-hour coffee and catch up. Whatever it is that draws us aways seems to evaporate the moment you step away and enter the “no responsibility zone” that is Red Stone Glen.

After feedback from some students we have put together what we hope will give folks an easy way to enter a productive handmade season of gift giving a little easier. We all have great expectations when it comes to weaving, gift-giving and the holidays.  And we all know how time can get away from us.  This year, we’re offering something new to get ahead of the curve and make your holiday weaving stress-less.

Red Stone Glen is set to launch a new independent work program.  Our first offering will be for dish towel weaving.  Designed for folks who know how to weave, but would enjoy the luxury of a prepared loom and work space for your independent work program, which can last up to five days, or end sooner, if you choose. This program is all about what works for you. While there will be no formal instruction, we’ll be on hand to answer questions, offer advice, work out sticky situations and admire your progress.

How does it work?

  1. Choose one of our 5-day “Independent Work Weeks” that works with your schedule.
    1. September 12 – September 16
    2. October 3 – October 7
    3. October 24 – October 28
    4. October 31 – November 4
  2. Let us know who you are and how we can be in touch through our easy registration portal.
  3. Choose the patten you would like warped for you based on your interest and skill level and proceed to checkout process to complete your registration.
  4. Arrive on your chosen dates and enjoy a loom that is pre-warped, ready and waiting for you to wind a bobbin and begin weaving your towels.

What will I make?

For this independent workshop you will be provided with 10 yards of toweling warp materials in 8/2 cotton. You may weave these into (10) 32″ towels, perhaps a few table runners the choice is up to you how you use the length provided. Warp widths vary from 20-22″ wide in the reed based on pattern repeats.

Are materials included?

Yes, we have made it possible to work without the restriction of what colors you have in your stash… you have access to our ENTIRE stash of Brassards 8/2 cotton. All materials, both warp and weft are included with your workshop kit. Use one color, or 40 no need to purchase them all to stay within your budget.

8/2 Cotton- Image Source Pinterest

In addition, please feel free to use any of our tools including but not limited to shuttles, bobbins, winders, scissors, tape measures, tools for broken threads, and temples. If you feel better bringing and using those from home that fit just right please make yourself at home, but please clearly mark ownership as this is a shared studio.

What are the dates & hours?

There are currently (4) 5-day weeks set aside in Sept thru Nov. During the 5-days the studio will be available for your use from 9 am to 8 pm. Because this is an independent study the studio is available for your use during the hours that make the most sense to you. If you can not make it on Wednesday because you have a new oven being delivered or a much needed chiropractor appointment don’t feel guilty about arriving at 1 in the afternoon. This is your time.

Will anyone be around for assistance?

Yes, during the 9-4 hours there will be a volunteer studio assistant available for technical help, assistance finding a tool or replacing exhausted materials. There will also be a phone number provided to ring Tom or Sara for after hours help.

Do I need to choose my pattern and colors now?

It’s helpful to give us an idea of the type of project you would like to weave right at the registration page, but if you’re still unsure no worries we have an option for those that are still waffling. Simply select the “still undecided” option during registration. We understand they’re all great, but you will have to choose one. We will be in touch 3-4 weeks ahead of time to confirm pattern and colors choices and will need your answer by then…. no pressure!

Where will I be weaving?

Our Ridge classroom will give you access not only to a quiet space, but one that has every tool you will need to complete your towels. If you’ve never been to our Ridge classroom you will find it calm and inviting, and there are wonderful outside spaces to stretch and unwind during a much needed break.