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Farewell Note From Tom

As the apron rod comes up and over the back beam, it tells me that I have come to the end of my warp. Sometimes it’s a relief to finally be done and other times it’s sad to come to the end of that warp. My 47-years of teaching is much like that warp. The journey has been fun, bringing lots of joy and occasionally there have been the odd mis-treadlings or broken threads. I have been truly blessed to have this opportunity to share my knowledge of spinning and weaving with you but the time has come for me to start a new chapter. I have decided retire at the end of September 2024, with the option of coming back from time to time to teach special classes here at the Glen.

It has been my privilege and honor to have been part of your weaving journey. Thank you for all the happy memories. Many of you have been like family to me. You have watched my children grow during the Mannings years, and now see my grandchildren growing up here at Red Stone Glen. Sara as well as a team of talented guest instructors will continue to teach with the same enthusiasm that you have come to expect at the Glen.

I am fortunate to call Pennsylvania home, but lucky to also have a home and getaway in warm, sunny Florida. I am about to become a snowbird, spending time in Florida in the Fall and Winter and then traveling back to PA for the Spring and Summer months. Don’t worry about me slowing down. There are spinning wheels and looms at both homes to keep this old guy’s brain busy.

I want to continue to weave and write, but this is now my opportunity to travel and explore the textiles of far-off lands and then report my findings back to you. Cindy and I plan to travel to parts of the world that I have only read about. We are excited about having a more relaxed life that will allow us to do this.

No goodbyes, just until we meet again.

Happy Weaving,