Tara Kiley-Rothwell

Tara is a registered SAORI instructor and studio owner. She has studied with SAORI instructors in the US and at Saorinomori in Osaka, Japan. She figured out early that the best way to learn something new is to surround yourself with those who are joyful and passionate in their craft. She brings a sense of self discovery and fun to weaving, giving new and experienced weavers the confidence to try something new. She has taken many classes, but has learned more from the people than the technique.

Tara has creweled, needlpointed, quilted, cross stitched, and knitted the years away but have always been fascinated and intimidated by the weaving loom. On a trip to Ireland in 2005, she forced by her family to tour Avoca Handweavers. If they hadn’t dragged her out, she's fairly sure she would still be there. The loom was always singing a siren song. As usual, she ignored it until the guiding hand of the universe stepped in. Tara's family relocated to Central Pennsylvania and ended up an hour away from the finest weaving school in the country – The Mannings. Every so often, she would look at the class schedule and come up with several reasons why she couldn’t take a class. Then she started taking Yoga. Life changing in many ways, but mostly because my new back row Shakti pal was a weaver, and a fearless one. She didn’t teach her to weave, she taught her so much more. Tara learned to experiment, to create and to throw out the pattern book… but most importantly to call herself an Artist and trust her instincts. With the encouragement of her family and a gift from some dear friends, she finally went to weaving school, picked up her loom 2 days later and hasn't stopped since.

Shortly after finishing weaving school, SAORI freestyle weaving found her. For the past two years she has immersed herself in discovery. Her deepest thanks goes to Ma Bailey and the Bailey girls for being the first ones to put a needle in her hand,also Laura, Lora, Lisbeth, Terri, Barbara and the Keepsakes crew, the knitters of Ascension and Holy Trinity, Laura Roveda, Amber Kane , Tom Knisely , Yukako Satone, Denise Prince, Kenzo Jo, youtube and the endless list of others that have taught her so much.