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Brenda Reed

Brenda Reed discovered her love of craft at the age of seven in rural Harford County Maryland. As a 4-H club member, she learned sewing, knitting, crocheting and wood working. These hand skills would lay a foundation for her true passion of metal working. At the age of 28, a basic jewelry class taken with a friend led to a love of transforming pieces of metal into simple, elegant, wearable pieces of art. She finds both challenge and reward in forming precious metal wire into beautiful shapes accented with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones.

Traveling on her sailboat the Surly Mermaid has afforded Brenda a unique perspective. Pairing down her life to the essentials to live on the Silver Siren has led her to design jewelry that’s easy to wear, fresh and current. Drawing inspiration from the many places she has been, Brenda brings the modern woman creative pieces that enhance any style.

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