Warp Faced Double Weave for Backstrap Weaving

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This warp-faced double weave structure gives weavers the ability to create sturdy bands with clean, crisp designs on backgrounds of solid color using only two simple sheds. Both faces of the band are structurally identical with colors reversed. Because it is basically plain weave and, therefore, does not require the complexities of warp-float length and alignment to be considered, it allows the weaver to advance quite quickly to creating original patterns. I liken it to ‘’doodling’’ on plain weave. In this two-day class, we will use patterns drawn from Bolivian and Bedouin weaving to create narrow bands of crisp geometric, plant and animal figures on prepared warps. Students will be encouraged to create their own motifs as they become increasingly comfortable with the sequence of moves used to create the two layers of cloth in this double weave structure. Participants will later wind their own wider warps which will give them access to an even greater variety of patterns. All materials included with your tuition.

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Warp Faced Double Weave for Backstrap Weaving



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May 18th, 2019 - May 19th, 2019

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Laverne Waddington

Laverne Waddington has been learning to weave on simple looms with indigenous teachers in South and Central America since 1996. In her home in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, she draws on ethnic design influe…

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