Lecture on Exploration of Profile Drafts

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This workshop is designed to stretch your knowledge of drafting and introduce you to a number of different weave structures. A profile draft is not the typical threading draft. It doesn’t present itself with the thread by thread order in which we are normally accustomed to seeing. A profile draft directs us to thread pattern blocks in a particular order that creates a pleasing pattern in the end. Let me show you first how to decipher and unlock the mystery of reading a profile draft and then we will learn how to assign a weave structure to that pattern block. This workshop will be a lecture base class where each student will study examples of the profile draft as a Rep Weave, Summer and Winter, several lace weaves such as Bronson Lace and Swedish Lace. You will learn about Bergman and Turned Twills and try your hand at Block Double Weave and Shadow weave.

It has been my dream to fill a room in my home with rugs and fabrics that all are related by the pattern of a single profile draft. Thought provoking isn’t it? Come join us and explore the possibilities of weaving many fabrics on a pattern.

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Lecture on Exploration of Profile Drafts



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Dec 12th, 2020 - Dec 12th, 2020

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Tom Knisely

Tom Knisely has made his career from his interest and love of textiles from around the world. Tom has been studying, collecting and teaching others about weaving and spinning for more than four dec…

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