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Don’t worry, no need to dig out your old high school math notes to refresh your memory on “fractals”. Although it is a wonderful math theorem that has real roots in physical objects in nature we can observe, Sara will have the joy of introducing you to how fractals can be applied to our purposes as a spinner. In this one day class Sara will introduce you to several approaches to achieve fractal yarns that will present themselves as what appear to be random placement of color, yet usher in a subtlety of patterns not quickly recognized by the viewer. All materials included with your tuition included with your production of some one of a kind handspun yarns.

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Fractal Spinning



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Mar 1st, 2019 - Mar 1st, 2019

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Sara Bixler

Sara is the owner and resident instructor of Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center. Many of Sara’s students praise her ability to guide students through the challenging world of color theory, spec…

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