Eco Printing on Cloth and Paper

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Explore the hidden shapes and colors that can be extracted from plants through the process of eco printing. This contemporary form of natural dyeing will make you look at your yard and garden in an entirely new way. Contact prints are made from leaves and other plant materials layered in cloth or paper and simmered in water or a natural dye bath. The tannins in leaves are transferred onto the cloth/paper due to heat and moisture. The unbundling of each piece of cloth or stack of papers is always surprising and quite magical. In this class the topics discussed, demonstrated, and practiced by students will include the best techniques for printing cloth and paper, as well as the safe and sustainable practices for gathering plant materials. We will walk the grounds of Red Stone Glen to gather leaves with which to experiment.

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Eco Printing on Cloth and Paper



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Jul 11th, 2020 - Jul 12th, 2020

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