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Have you always wanted to try hand spinning but didn’t want to make the commitment to a spinning wheel. A hand spindle is just the answer. There are many different styles and types of spindles and they go by many names such as “Drop Spindle”, “Hand Spindle”, “ Support Spindle”. All of these are correct and all are slightly different. During this one day workshop you will be shown several different kinds of spindles and I will explain their differences and why you might choose one over the other for the task they are to perform. Each student will receive a spindle and a bag of wool as part of their class.

You will be shown several different ways to prepare wool for spinning on your spindle but you will be given prepared roving to spin because it’s so easy to work with. Besides learning how to spin a single strand of yarn, you will also be shown how to spin and ply your singles together to make a two ply yarn.

Come and have a fun filled day of spinning on a spindle. It’s just the beginning for years of spinning joy.

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Drop Spindle 101



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May 18th, 2019 - May 18th, 2019

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Tom Knisely

Tom Knisely has made his career from his interest and love of textiles from around the world. Tom has been studying, collecting and teaching others about weaving and spinning for more than four dec…

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