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Times They are A-Changin' - Coronavirus Concerns

On behalf of our staff and family we wanted to take the opportunity to address some questions that are beginning to rise concerning the pandemic that is now sweeping the world over. As a business owner, mother and member of my community I have been tuned into the coverage concerning the Coronavirus for several weeks now hoping for any shred of information that may make our decision making process a bit clearer regarding the many facets of our lives and how we personally will react. At this moment in time we have come up with a plan that will address many of the questions some of you may have concerning scheduled classes, retail shipments and visits to our retail store.

I must emphasize that this is our game plan at this point in time, but may change as new information is presented and a more clearly defined time table is in place. Check back here from time to time for updates. We are certainly not health care professionals, so we are heavily reliant upon the information given by the CDC for the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, and strongly encourage our reader and customer base to do the same. Please take the time to educate yourself as questions arise by visiting Coronavirus 2019.

Why Social Restriction Matters

As humans we are instinctively tactile in nature. Through touch we learn about the environment around us. However in times of illness we become more aware of how simple human engagements can be very dangerous.

With the current statistics, we have made a proactive decision to help reduce the transmission of the Coronavirus, and to enter into self isolation here at Red Stone Glen. Although we are proud to host a wide range of instructors, students and guests in our home from all over the world, it is our deepest belief that we would be irresponsible to encourage students and customers to enter our doors traveling from many different states not knowing if they themselves have already contracted the virus. The only true way to slow the spread is social restriction.

Safety First - For Everyone

If you're following in our footsteps and staying put yourself, it's a great time to plan a new project. Dustin and I will continue to be packing and shipping mail order during our "closure" with the exception of someone within our home becoming infected. At that juncture, all shipping will be halted. If you are close by, and you just need one more cone of yellow perle cotton or the world may spin off its axis, give us a call. We're happy to do curbside delivery, but please make previous arrangements before coming. Give us a call, we'll pick your order, process your payment and deliver straight to your trunk... you think I joke, but someone out there is considering it!

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What About My Class?

To address the largest elephant in the room, "But what about my class!" This is our game plan... please understand that it will require some patience. There are a number of classes in the near future that we have already made the decision to cancel. If you are currently enrolled in a spring semester class keep an eye on your email for updates concerning your specific class(es). For some, we have new dates available, some lecture-based classes will move to a digital classroom presentation or you'll be given several options to choose from.

There is not an easy blanket solution but we will address every class. It is our greatest hope that everyone respects this decision knowing it was made with deep consideration with our students and family as the guiding motivator. Although this will be financially challenging for our small business during this time we know there is light at the end when students and guests return to the Glen in good health and ready to weave another day... your bench will be waiting.

We're All in This Together

In closing we want to thank each of you in advance. This could have been a more challenging decision, but we know many of you well, and could imagine your words of encouragement during this very unique period of time. We are blessed to have a following of smart, creative folks who we know will keep themselves informed and safe. Please be advised that phone and email will be checked but non-essential emails may be delayed in response until all classes have been addressed on an individual basis.

Sara Bixler

Owner of Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center